Blastco Industrial Services provides specialized services to the heavy industrial and wine producing sectors. These services include the use of high pressure and ultra-high-pressure machines for washing, cleaning and coating services. Great emphasis is placed on environmentally friendly practices and safe equipment.

Blastco Industrial Services is extremely proud to be associated with Orange River Cellars. We specialise in refurbishment of concrete and mild steel wine tanks between 10,000 litres to 1 million litres. We construct floors, do waterproofing of cellars and use epoxy specifically designed for the industry.

The Company has an experienced workforce equipped with safe equipment and internationally certified products. We have successfully completed several projects at Orange River Cellars as part of a long-term maintenance programme.

The Company strives to render outstanding services to our valued customers


Our vision is to deliver outstanding services through:
  • Personal service and client specific solutions
  • A quality end product
  • Customer satisfaction and orientation
  • Mutual value creation
  • Employee pride


Our mission is to deliver outstanding service through proactive, transparent and innovative interaction with out customers

We have competent staff who are skilled in delivering customer-focused services. Their skills are continuously improved through specialized training programs.

Security is of paramount importance. Our aim is to develop a safe workplace for the benefit of both our customers and staff.


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Chief Operations Officer

Cell phone: 074 224 6840

Email: Johann Du Toit

Fax: 021 975 4649




Cell phone: 072 290 8788

Email: Stefan Du Toit

Fax: 021 975 4649