About Product: 

Baobab – Organic, conventional, refined
The baobab tree is native to Africa, where African women used the fruit from which the oil is extracted for natural beauty & health purposes. Baobab Seed Oil is highly stable and is an excellent source of essential and other fatty acids, including up to 34% of Linoleic Acid (Omega-6).

Skin Care Benefits: 

• Emollient – It is an excellent moisturizer for the skin.
• Insulator – It protects the skin from excessive high and low temperatures.
• Rejuvenator – It promotes rejuvenation of skin cells.
• Non-siccative – It does not dry for a long time.
• Cicatrizant – promote wound healing.
• Antioxidant – It prevents the skin from free radical damage.
• Anti-Inflammatory – because of the presence of omega fatty acids in it.

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