social work internships

South Africa is a prime example of a combination of first and third world country. Each region or province is quite different from one another and cities and rural area’s each have their different set of challenges and problems. Regardless the endless beauty of the country and its people, the social needs are over-whelming….ranging from poverty, lack of services and proper facilities, unemployment, HIV/Aids, Tuberculosis and ill equipped and skilled NGO’s. The fields are endless and the needs even more. If you as an intern wish to make a contribution and difference in the lives of people, this is an ideal field to consider – with fields ranging from medical fields, administration, social legal services, social work, education, finance, fund-raising or facilities management.

Short description:

Perceiving migration as an opportunity, the Centre offers development and welfare programmes to the migrant and local communities of Cape Town. In providing our assistance we use a holistic approach that considers all basic needs and our human rights. With a team of 26 people and the revolving help of about 40 volunteers, the Centre offers programmes dealing with welfare, training and assistance with access to local services through referrals to schooling, bank accounts, health care, legal representation, qualification accreditation and social assistance. The Centre receives around 700 people each month accessing our different services. Their services include an employment help desk, Digital literacy training, English teaching, sewing, workshop program, a welfare desk, clinic, soup kitchens, etc


These positions will be based at our home for refugee children in Woodstock for unaccompanied and/or separate minors and children in need of care. This House provides full time care to a maximum number of 30 children and is structured into two houses, one for younger boys and girls and teenage girls, and a separate smaller home for teenage boys.


Live-in position: The intern is expected to live in the house and work as full member of the Care team according to a daily schedule. The intern is expected to participate in house meetings, staff meetings and training. The intern would work under supervision of a senior staff member. The tasks range from taking care of the children’s living space, supervision during meal times and recreational activities to food preparation, homework assistance, reading programme, etc.


Previous experience in child care (at least one relevant reference letter in the field). Studies in the following fields are an asset: child care, psychology, social work, social education. The minimum period of stay is 4 months. The House offers food and lodging to live-in care givers.

Field SOCIAL: All Rounder position Reference number SOCIAL 002 Location Cape Town Duration Miminum of 3 months and longer
Short description Perceiving migration as an opportunity, the Centre offers development and welfare programmes to the migrant and local communities of Cape Town. In providing our assistance we use a holistic approach that considers all basic needs and our human rights. With a team of 26 people and the revolving help of about 40 volunteers, the Centre offers programmes dealing with welfare, training and assistance with access to local services through referrals to schooling, bank accounts, health care, legal representation, qualification accreditation and social assistance. The Centre receives around 700 people each month accessing our different services. Their services include an employment help desk, Digital literacy training, English teaching, sewing, workshop program, a welfare desk, clinic, soup kitchens, etc
In this position, you will help out in different areas of the organization, wherever there is a need. This can include tasks such as teaching English, packing food parcels, peeling potatoes for the soup kitchen, capturing data, etc. You will also be expected to cover the reception area for 2 hours daily. This is a diverse position in which you will learn about all aspects of our work.
Qualifications: You must enjoy working with people of different cultures. Your personality is independent and very flexible, able to deal with changing daily needs of the organization and you are a minimum age of 20.
Commitment: You should be available from Monday to Friday, ideally from 8:30am until 4:30pm. We would prefer a 3 month commitment so that you have the time to become familiar with how our organisation works.

Field Social: Human Rights Reference number SOCIAL 003 Location Salt River, Cape Town Duration 3 – 6 Months
Short description This project was named after a young Zimbabwean who died of starvation on the streets of Cape Town whilst waiting to get his asylum papers. Formed in 2007, this project exists to assist refugees who face a similar plight on the streets of CapeTown.
Tasks Assisting with the refugee interviews and follow-up appointments, Office administration and organisation, Data capturing – database /reports /networking etc, Thank you letters and a acknowledgements, General help and assistance to office manager, attending committee meetings and taking minutes, communicating and networking via Internet, email and telephone to access resources e.g. training courses, food, Clothing, jobs etc, Networking with various NPO’s in the community, attending forums and meetings and sending out summary reports.Administration
Applicant requirements The intern has to be interested in working for an NGO and be willing to be part of a small team. An all rounder, willing to to be involved with all aspects of the organisation would be idea. Level of education Any level Language skills Good English

Field Social, Environmental greening
Reference number SOCIAL 004 Location Cape Town Duration Minimum duration 2 Months Short description They are an urban agriculture (UA) and environmental action (EA) association operating in the socio-economically neglected townships of Khayelitsha, Nyanga and surrounding areas of the Cape Flats near Cape Town. They assist individuals, groups and community based organisations to initiate and maintain permanent organic food growing and nature conservation projects as the basis for sustainable lifestyles, self-help job creation, poverty alleviation and environmental renewal.
Tasks The Intern will get experiences in project evaluation, case studies, system development and project management and support research work and networking. The intern will further help fieldworkers with systems and administration and to deliver services. Applicants must be self-starters and must be able to function fairly independently.
Applicant requirements Any field in geography, training, adult education, community development, projects management, or economics could apply. Level of education Senior, independent worker Language skills Good English

Field Social: Special Needs Education Reference number SOCIAL 005 Location Mitchells Plain, Cape Town Duration 1-6 month Short description This school is for learners with physical disabilities and they represent many different disabilities groups eg. Muscular Dystrophies, Congenital and Traumatic amputations, Arthritis and Cerebral Palsy etc..Consideration is given to learners‟ ability to cope in a mainstream setting and their need for the therapeutic services. The school is proactive about getting their children through a good school system with a high level of education. They offer sports codes such as track and field and have a professional team of rehabilitation services. Children get full support, from receiving transport to and from school, as well as receiving a professional support service from social workers, nursing services, occupational therapists, physical- and physiotherapists..
Tasks According to your study level and subject specialization you will be involved in either speech-, art-, music-; physical-; physio- or occupational therapy. A professional education in one of the above fields is essential, including having completed your medical tests or practical exams in the field. This school is desperately in need of additional hands skills and would be welcome the right candidates.
Applicant requirements
-Studying towards a degree/diploma in a professional field.
-Some past experience would be preferable in your field
-Good communication skills
-A love of children and a passion to make a difference in their lives.
- Consideration must be given to school holidays in SA
- A car to get you to and from work is essential
Language skills Good English

Field Social : Public Relations & Administration Reference number SOCIAL 006 Location Cape Town
Duration Short description 3 – 6 months
This is one of the most active charties in the world. Their work is well known and their success enormous. They mobilize a force of medical professionals and caring hearts to provide safe, effective reconstructive Surgery for children born with facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate. Their offices are in the city centre of Cape Town and this is an excellent small team of professionals who push the levels of professionalism time and time again. They arrange voluntary medical missions to African countries where they operate on people for fee.

Administration - As this is a small team, you will assist with administration of these missions. This involves arranging a lot of logistics, flights, visa’s for medical teams, shipping of equipement around the continent, co-ordination of all the donations and materials needed for their work etc. Due to the nature of their work, the careful planning of every event is essential as many professionals offer up their time and pay to go on a mission serving a poor community who would otherwise not get this help. Public Relations & Awareness - Most of the time, you get to do your own project as well. This could be a fund-raising project, awareness campaign, preparing information for their website or co-ordinating projects with schools or the community to assist with the preparation of these missions. Most of the time our students host and arrange their own functions for either business people, schools, VIP’s etc.
Applicant requirements
You must be able to work in a smaller team of say 10 people, so good people skills are essential. You have to be very organised and systematic in your approach to your work as you would deal with a lot of systems and processes.
Level of education Any field of study e.g. administration, interest in social issues, public relations or communications normally fit in well with them. Language skills Good communication skills in English is essential.

Field Social: Public Relations Reference number SOC 007 Location Cape Town
Duration 3-6 months, car required
Short description comp This organization has experienced the realisation of an Air Ambulance network and Flying Health Outreach Service, using helicopters and small planes with the capacity to provide effective and equitable healthcare to metropolitan areas as well as remote rural communities throughout the entire sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Since its launch in 1996 they have literally changed the lives of thousands of people living in rural communities.
-You will be based in the Public Relations Department, helping the team to come up with new and
innovative ideas.
-You will also be involved in research on fundraising, increasing their media exposure strategies,
bringing overviews and information to meetings concerning projects you are working on.
-You will be accountable to the manager, which will involve reporting back regularly, completing tasks
timeously, maintaining a positive company image and arriving at work and meetings punctually and well prepared.
- The organisation will do their best to ensure that an internship with them is a successful and enjoyable, you may also have the opportunity to travel with them, and they will make every effort to meet your needs and requirements

Applicant requirements -Public Relations background
-Excellent communication skills
-Willing to travel if necessary
-Interpersonal effectiveness is of high importance, and you will be required to incorporate
the use of initiative as well as the quality, accuracy and time management.
Level of education Any
Language skills Very good English Kind of person Team player as you will work in a small team.

Field SOCIAL: Psychology, all types of therapy, Special needs education
Reference number SOCIAL 008
Location Kenilworth, Cape Town
Duration 2-6 months, own car
Short description
This school is primarily reserved for learners with visual impairment as a primary disability but they may
also have other disabilities such as autism or neurological degenerative diseases. The school has
students from Pre-school to Grade 12 and also offers post-graduates courses. They offer many
different bridging courses for the students to make them as independent as possible. There are currently
300 learners and 36 teachers as well as 3 Occupational Therapists, 2 School Psychologists, 2 Nurses
and then another 30 general staff members.:
Tasks -You will work in close conjunction with the existing staff psychologist to ensure the
continued development of the learners.
-Counseling of learners
-General scholar evaluation and assessment
-All other psychology related duties
Applicant requirements
-A background study in Psychology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-, art- or music
therapy or related fields.
-Previous internship or work experience would be an advantage but not essential
-Good communication skills
-A caring, committed attitude and a strong desire to make a difference
-Open, friendly personality and a strong desire to learn
Level of education Any
Language skills Good English Kind of person Caring personality and ability to relate to children is essential.

Field SOCIAL: Education
Reference number SOCIAL 009
Location Athlone, Cape Town
Duration 2 – 6 months, own car
Short description This is a non-profit organisation working with disadvantaged youth in schools and unemployed youth between 14 – 30 years of age. In a society where fewer than 15% of school learners find formal employment, they offer a proven and positive way for learners to maximize their chances of becoming economically active through encouraging advocacy and lobbying, forging partnerships and self-reliance.
Tasks The main need is for the intern to assist the high school for under-privileged children – most of whom would not have been in school if it was not for this school. If you are able to teach any subject, especially maths and science, they would welcome your support. Also other work could include project management, life skills training, workshop monitoring, programme design and implementation
Applicant requirements -A strong interest in NGO work and an understanding thereof
-Enjoy working with youth
-Keen to make a difference in society - -Having access to an own car is advised
Level of education Any – even if you are a working person
Language skills Good conversational English
Kind of person A person enjoying young people is essential.

Field SOCIAL: Education, Therapies, facilities, Social studies, nursing
Reference number SOCIAL 010
Location Cape Town Duration 3 Months and Longer
Short description The home caters for medically disabled and fragile children by providing care for them in the form of nursing and rehabilitation. The children in this home come from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds. The home also has children with learning disabilities, severe mental retardation and life threatening diseases such as Diabetes, cancer and HIV/Aids. They have a school on the premises, as well as a residence where some children stay during the year.
Tasks Depending on what you study, you can most likely apply for an internship in one of the following fields.
Social Nursing care; nursing assistants; Physiotherapy; Occupational therapy, Speech therapy; Social work; Formal education; Human resource management; Crèche assistant; studies around children; childcare workers – care minders art therapy; evening duty; special skills; play therapy
Other Computer training skills; administration skills ; fund raising; Public relations (1 person); Human resource management; Maintenance workers; landscaping Holiday activities; Facility management (Playground, soccer field); Communications/special events coordinator; Web design
Applicant requirements Studying towards a course in nursing care, social work or a therapy. Alternatively you would be studying facilities management, education, administration, pedagogic or related fields etc. Level of education Any Language skills Basic English Kind of person You must enjoy working with children or in the environment where there are children. Own initiative is essential too as you will have more change to get involved in different projects.

Field SOCIAL: Special needs education
Reference number SOCIAL 011
Location Southern Suburbs, Cape Town
Duration 2 Months and longer
Short description The school provides education to children with cerebral palsy as well as to those with specific learning disabilities and special needs. The educators strive to maximize the potential of the learners by providing them with the appropriate educational and therapeutic services. You can either go to the primary or high school. It is a fairly large school and a very well supported and managed school.
Tasks Field: Psychology, physiotherapy, all types of therapy, special education, etc
Applicant requirements You need to study one of the above fields.
Level of education Any
Language skills Good English
Kind of person You have a love for children, or education.

Field SOCIAL: Special Needs Education Reference number Social 012 Location Cape Town Duration 2 Months or Longer Short description The school offers an individualised psycho-educational learning programme. It includes cognitive and motoric development, the development of self-help skills, socialization - which includes educational excursions, tours, life skills, pre-vocational skills and sports – including cricket, horse-riding,soccer, rugby and athletics. Although this is a relatively small school, it is a very well run school and offer their pupils excellent quality education and support.
Tasks Will mainly focus on helping with autism and pervasive developmental disorders. You would get experience in individual tutoring of learners with autism and therefore must be interested in play therapy. Further you will participate in assessment and testing of learners. This school is able to offer almost any field of work in the field of special needs education, including psychology, social work, physical therapy, special education, occupational therapy and more.
Applicant requirements Relevant studies Level of education Any Language skills Good English Kind of person You must have a personality and passion to work with these children.

Field Social: Therapy, Teaching, Social Services, Criminology, Youth Development
Reference number Social 013 Location Cape Town, Southern Suburbs Duration 2 Months and Longer
Short description & Tasks
The provincial Department of Social Development provides Places of Safety for children who are charged with committing a crime and found to need restrictive placement whilst they await trial and the finalisation of their court case. These crimes include that of theft, housebreaking, robbery and murder. This institute is home to 160 male youth between the ages of 15 and 17. Every boy enters this facility with his own frame of reference, based on his personal life experiences, cultural background, personal value system and religious beliefs. Accommodating the diverse individual needs of these boys poses a number of challenges for the staff working at this facility.
Responsibility for different tasks at the facility will be allocated according to the intern’s studies. One of the main problems within this facility is gang building. Setting up programs like sport events, game afternoons or any social events can create a team spirit amongst the boys.
The boys attend basic school during the day with very motivated teachers. Interns will assist the teachers by running art, music or language projects. Many of the boys are very talented and it is just a matter of time that the teacher cannot attend to them individually.
Youth development or youth at risk programs need to be initiated. The current staff do what they can, however there is a vast need for someone to run programs on decision-making, life skills (e.g. how to say no, how to know when an adult wants to use them, what is right and wrong, etc…), behavioural changes, drug abuse and sexuality which incorporates HIV/Aids and protection thereof.
Interns are also required to assist in training of the staff and in the development of educational materials on these topics. If you are able to change behaviour or teach the workers the skills to continue with life orientations, it would make a huge difference. Interns in this institute must have a strong personality and be largely motivated to making a difference in the lives of the children at this institute. The opportunities to do so are endless!
Applicant requirements As this is a fairly “hard” environment, you have to be over the age of 22 years as a female and able to deal with difficult young people. A more senior level of study is therefore also required.
Language skills Good English Kind of person Maturity and ability to handle working with really problematic cases is essential.
Field SOCIAL : Social and Education Reference number Social 014 Location Cape Town Duration minimum duration 1 month Short description This is a voluntary welfare organisation that renders family care services to the entire community. The constitution is based on Christian principles, but it does not exclude any person from receiving assistance on the grounds of language, religion or culture. Problem areas identified in the community are dealt with through prevention, therapy or intervention.
Tasks Are you interested in adult education? Do you enjoy working with children and families, as well as with old people? If the answer is yes to the above, then you are a prime candidate for this position. You have the choice to work within a group or on your own. It will also depend on your abilities and work experience. Adult education can be both interesting and challenging and the staff at the organisation has assured us that you will have plenty to keep you occupied and stimulated throughout your internship.

Your job description could include the preparation of teaching lessons, assistance with play groups, assistance with the stimulation of children and the co-ordination of different children activities. Our interns normally assist with concerts, the preparation of creative materials, social activities and depending on your interests and skills, you could get involved with other aspects of the organisation.
Applicant requirements Study field in child caring, education or social work Level of education Any Language skills Well written and spoken English Kind of person Interested in working with children, social services or related fields

Field Social: Psychology, Social Work Reference number Social 015 Location Cape Town Duration 3 Months and Longer Short description Their aim is to develop people to rise out of poverty, with the major focus being on development work. This we do through nine community development centres and a wide range of programmes which focus mainly on: Engaging with communities to build capacity and solve problems Women, Children and Youth Development, Health and Food Security, Economic Empowerment, Wherever possible, we work with provincial and local government to refine service delivery to the poor, homeless, children and others.
Tasks You would assist the professional support team with a variety of support roles, ranging from social services, counselling, etc. Applicant requirements You need to study a field like social work, psychology, social legal services, or a similar professional field. Language skills Good English Kind of person As they have limited staff, you need to be fairly independent and self-motivated to offer support to the team. A car to get you to and from work is essential

Field Social, business development, Social services, youth development Reference number Social 016 Location Cape Town Duration Any Short description This is a non-profit Child and Family organisation that provides numerous services to disadvantaged communities on the Cape Flats. The organisation pioneered social assistance in the entire Cape Flats and plays a major role in the community it serves by providing restorative support for the entire family and creating educational and social opportunities for the people. It is a very large organisation dealing with a large problematic community – including HIV / Aids, unemployment, child neglect and abuse, foster care, job creation, child care e.g. an after school program, dance group, social services etc.
Tasks This internship offers a variety of opportunities. Their main needs currently are for assistance in the development of a number of business projects, organisational restructuring, fund-raising and re-development of the organisation.
Second internship opportunities are in the fields of social work, psychology, house parents for a small foster home for children taken away from their parents and in general, people to assist with one of their many youth programs.
Applicant requirements There are several internship opportunities. You may either study tourism development, child care, social work, psychology, or different fields of social development. You must be interested in working with people though. House parents for their home of safety could virtually be anyone too. You must be older than 23 years though and have a strong sense of responsibility. Opportunities are both senior and junior for young school leavers.
Level of education Any Language skills Good working English

Field Social: Cancer , Marketing, Education Reference number Social 017 Location Southern Suburbs, Cape Town Duration Minimum duration 3 month
Short description The Association has been one of the leading and best-known non-profit and non-governmental organisations in S.A. since 1931. Its sole purpose is to fight cancer and its consequences in partnership with all South African communities, through the facilitation of various services to cancer patients and their families, through health promotion and education and through research partnerships.
Their Western Cape office is conveniently close to all public transportation and about a 10 minute drive from Cape Town City centre. This is one of 8 provincial offices around South Africa and is often regarded as the best-developed and most successful province. It has a large staff complement of highly skilled staff and has a low staff turnover..

They are responsible for its own funds and has a proud tradition of very successful and exciting fundraising and awareness campaigns - some with a proud history. As it is a provincial position, your internship would cover areas ranging from project management, exposure to fundraising activities, some media exposure, and co-organising of events. Good inter-personal skills, sound knowledge of basic computer programs, a team player, a high degree of dedication and being a self-starter, would be the requirements.

Health Promotion Department.
One of the main focus areas is Health Promotion. Its core activities focus on providing information on the cancer most common amongst South Africans and include cervical, prostate, skin cancer and lifestyle- and tabacco-related cancer. The incumbent would be computer literate, have good inter-personal skills, have sound knowledge of general administrative tasks and enjoy working in a team. Tasks would include providing support to the health promotion team of the provincial manager. It could also include assisting with educational activities, co-ordinating the distribution of materials or media releases, general office administration and general hands-on tasks as required by the staff.
Applicant requirements Suitable candidates would have skills in either Business Administration, Public Relations or Marketing and would be fluent in English. You would be exposed to very exciting and fast developing Departments and would enjoy the team-spirit and energetic working pace within these offices. Level of education Any Language skills Excellent English

Field Social, Children’s home Reference number Social 018 Location Northen Suburbs, Cape Town Duration 4 Months and longer Short description Home is a non-profitable organization (NPO number 011-891) that was established in 1883. The home has been the refuge to children from all races and creeds, for over 124 years. Their children come from seriously disadvantaged environments caused by HIV/Aids, drugs and divorce. They can accommodate 145 children in 12 house units. There are both sexes and all ages from birth to 18 years, as well as all races. These children often need therapy as well as specialiszed care. Most of the children have had to face extreme trauma in there young lives and as a result of broken homes, extreme poverty, HIV and many other factors. Many of them have been neglected, abused sexually, emotionally and physically and experience traumatic psychological effects thereof.
International volunteers are used to assist in every aspect of our home. All Volunteers stay on the premises and work on a shift basis with every second weekend off. Off days are given in the week if the weekend has been worked. Volunteers are used in the following areas:
• 18 volunteers helping by being Child Care assistance in our 10 Houses on the premises
• 2 volunteers helping as child care assistance at our Satellite house , looking after 12 children in a newly suburb about 20 minutes away from the main Children’s Home .
• 4 volunteers needed to work night shift.
• 2 Volunteers needed to drive children to and from schools and hospitals.
• 2 Volunteers needed to run our small Playgroup for 4 – 5 young children that do not go to school.
• 1 volunteer to assist in the Social Workers office.
• 1 volunteer to assist the program manager arranging schools issues and fun events or outings for the children.
• Volunteers are also often asked to assist with Public relations work, marketing or the children’s home as well as fundraising events.
• They have a few office jobs as well where volunteers do not have to have contact with the children on a daily basis but will still be making a very important contribution to there lives by working behind the scenes.
Applicant requirements Relevant studies, especially Child Care Level of education Any Language skills Good English Kind of person You will be in direct contact with them, so it is important that you are very comfotable working with children.

Field Social: Rehabilitation, nursing support, therapy, psychology, volunteering in fund-raising Reference number Social 019 Location Cape Town Duration 3 Months or Longer Short description This is a large, government-funded, tertiary psychiatric hospital. Apart from offering general in- and outpatient psychiatric services, it has a variety of specialized units such as the Forensic Unit and Acute Admission Units. Patients generally suffer from severe psychiatric disorders, and those who are admitted to the high care unit are likely to have a history of the more severe forms of psychotic illnesses associated with behavioral disturbances. Patients are either admitted on a voluntary, assisted or involuntary basis in accordance with the South African Mental Health Care Act of 2005. Tasks Field of Nursing support, general administration, public relations, arranging of activities and events, different forms of therapy. You can arrange e.g. cake baking lessons, food preparation lessons, creative sessions etc. In the office you would assist with various projects, day to day admin, management of the webstie information, data base management, fund-raising projects e.g. a golf day. Applicant requirements Nursing care, social worker, volunteering, or any field where you want to work in a social environment. You can work fairly creatively. Language skills English Kind of person A sincere interest to help people. You would prefer working with adults. As you can work shifts of fewer hours in the day, you can be quite flexible working here. They are willing to consider taking people for a few hours a day or week or full time.

Field Social: Medical, play therapy etc Reference number Social 020 Location Southern Suburbs, Cape Town Duration Any
Short description This is the only remaining dedicated comprehensive paediatric hospital in southern Africa. It is dedicated exclusively to the care of children and it has built up enormous expertise in many areas of paediatric diagnostics, treatment and health care delivery. As a result, children with particular problems are referred to the Hospital from all over South Africa and from many other countries in the region.
1. Programme for ward Assistants Local & International Volunteers who assist in the wards with non medical tasks

- Collects emergency orders from Stores
- Collect milk feeds for the patients in the wards
- Collects equipment from other areas of the hospital if needed by the ward.
- Escorts patients to clinics and other departments
- Takes prescription charts to Pharmacy
- Collects X-rays when ready
- Assists parents to departments as per parent requests
- Ensures that store books have the relevant signatures attached to it
- Nurturing patients and parents
- Play activity with patients
- Assists in stock-taking and keeping stock room tidy
- Assisting with any other task as per request by the nursing staff

2. Programme for play “Therapists”(local and international volunteers)
- Interacting with patients by telling stories, doing puzzles, arts and crafts, playing board games, colouring-in activities etc.
- Escorting patients to entertainment events held by the Public Relations Department and the Children’s Hospital Trust
- Skills development programmes are offered to volunteers

3. Palliative Care

Forever Friends is a programme to do little things that make life more bearable and identified as non medical and non threatening.
- Children and mothers identified by the Sibanye Support Group Nosisi
- Support for the mothers and family when necessary
- To make tea and coffee, make available the Sanctuary or the Rose room
- Support for the Children in Need Non Medical
- Very sick children with no visitors
- Stimulation and Love
- Nappy Changing
- Feeding
- Massaging
- Cuddling
- Establish a relationship and gain trust with a child
- International volunteers are required to do a minimum of three months.

4. Programme for specialized skilled volunteers

This programme is designed to accommodate volunteers with specialized skills in different departments. These volunteers are co-ordinated and supervised by various Department Heads. They are currently placed in:
- Development Clinic - Diabetic Clinic
- Chaplaincy - Eye Clinic
- Dietics Clinic - Renal Clinic
- Occupational Therapy - Urology Clinic
- Stoma Clinic - Medical Informatics
- Public Relations - Medical Records
- Sewing room

5. Other skilled volunteers include:
- Reflexologists
- Aroma therapists
- Reiki practitioners
- Music Therapists
- Art Therapists
- Hospital Care Clowns

Applicant requirements As this is a non-medical placement, the person must have an interest to work in a variety or tasks with children especially. It is a very rewarding internship as you work with patients, assist the nursing staff and get an overall view of what happens in a hospital. You can either work mornings only or also some afternoons on special projects. There is an opportunity to also do week-end voluntary work with them. XChange has houses within close walking distance from this facility.
Level of education Although you do not need any specific field of study to be a volunteer, you can also be pre-med studies as you will learn a lot from them. This is a very well run project and any skill can basically be fitted into this placement = including art, music, clowning, nursing support services etc.
Language skills English Kind of person You must want to work with children.

Reference number Social 021
Location Pinelands, Rondebosch,
Duration Any Lengths - Consideration should be given to the fact that we have 4 school terms in South Africa. The school year starts in January and finishes in the beginning of December. The 1st term is normally between mid January to the beginning of April, 2nd term April – end June, 3rd from July – Sept, 4th from Sept to December. During exam times, it is difficult to teach. The country has two main exam times – just before the end of the 2nd term and from about mid November to the end of the school term.
Short description XChange supports a number of special needs schools or teaching programs for which we urgently need teachers, teacher aids, support staff and skills like occupational therapists, speech, music, art therapists and more. All these schools are under-staffed – meaning they only have a limited number of teaching posts paid for by the government and they have to make do with that, or the parents much pay the balance of the posts. In most cases, the parents are not in the financial position to do so.
Tasks Teaching English classes for adults, high school pupils or beginners ages 8 – 12. Home work supervision for primary school children
Applicant requirementsEither studying towards a teaching degree, teachers aid certificate or studying a degree in fields like child care, social fields (not social work), teaching for smaller children etc The intern must have good people skills, love to assist those who are less privileged, be patient, will be able to adapt easily to the school programs and have a interest getting involved with all aspects of the school or facility – including after school activities. Should your placement period fall within a holiday period, you can either use the opportunity to travel or we can incorporate you with a day care of holiday program.
Language skills English is the main feeding language for these schools. Most of the time, the 2nd language is Afrikaans or Xhosa to these pupils.

Field Social: Physio, Occupational, Different Therapies, Nursing support Reference number SOCIAL 022 Location Rondebosch, Cape Town Length Any Short description This Special Care Centre is still the leader in providing excellent care to intellectually disabled children and young adults as well as their families. Many of their children know only the care centre as their home and the staff as their families. The service levels are top notch and comprises of in house therapeutic activities such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, self-help skills, 24 hour professional nursing as well respite care to parents with children who are intellectually and physically disabled. Their daily programme comprises of: Sensory & motor stimulation, Outside play / music, Physiotherapy, Feeding and toilet training skills, Walks, correct positioning in their wheelchairs and indoor play to prevent boredom. Tasks Depending on your studies, you will be involved with mainly motivation or rehab work with younger children to adults with mental disabilities. Applicant requirements Relevant field of studies Level of education Any Language skills English Kind of person Good people skills and interest to help people normally not popular in the community due to their disability.

Field Medical: Physio, Medicine, Occupational Therapy Reference number Medical 001 Location Cape Town Length Any Short description This is a long term rehabilitation hospital for children. These children remain at the hospital long term and receive their operations, treatment or rehabilitation on the premises. The staff compliment consist of a full medical team, a physio therapy department and support services.
Tasks It is an interesting experience as the intern will not solely be occupied with physiotherapy, but also with the concept of play-therapy. Since a physio-intern must be registered in South Africa to perform rehabilitation work, we will assist the student with these procedures. Applicant requirements Relevant studies in the field of medicine, Physio or occupational therapy. We place our interns there regularly. It is a good placement with a safe and friendly environment. They staff are nice people who really know how to make use of the help of the interns. Level of education 3 rd Year or above. You have to have finished your medical examinations. Language skills English Kind of person You must enjoy working with children.

Field MEDICAL: Physio, Occupational, Physical Therapy, Sport for disabled, psychiatry
Reference number Medical 002
Location Cape Town
Length 3 Months and Longer
Short description The Centre provides specialised, high-intensity rehabilitation and community -reintegration programmes for persons with physical disabilities. The focus is outcome - based and the promotion of functional independence. The facility has a maximum capacity of 240 beds, and a daily OPD clinic. Rehabilitation programmes focus on reducing activity limitations and participation restrictions for persons.
Tasks The intern will assist the skilled and dedicated staff members, while being active in a multi-disciplinary team and by providing individual support to the patients. From previous experience with this organization, we are confident that the student awaits a challenging and dynamic placement.
Applicant requirements 3 year and having completed your medical tests already.
Language skills English
Kind of person A person with a passion to assist others will fit in well.

Field MEDICAL: Psychology; Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy Reference number Medical 003 Location Rondebosch, Cape Town Length 2-6 months, own car Short description This is a home that provides specialised care for profoundly intellectually and disabled people. These children need specialised care every minute of their lives. Each child‟s potential is explored and developed to fulfill their maximum potential in a stimulating environment. Tasks Counseling of children General evaluation and assessment All other psychology related duties Setting up development programmes for individual children Applicant requirements A background study in Psychology Previous internship or work experience would be an advantage but not essential Good communication skills A caring, committed attitude and a strong desire to make a difference Open, friendly personality and a strong desire to learn Level of education Any level for general work Language skills English Kind of person Ability to work with retarded or special needs children and adults.