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Soon Pretorius

Hi everyone,

I am Soon Pretorius - fanatic and diehard student of Karate-do with many years of experience.

Allow me to share my knowledge and experiences gained over 50 years of training hoping to motivate and inspire your journey as student in Karate-do.

Please study the Free Kata video’s at My Kata, enjoy the Karate Academy info of schools in Pretoria under My Schools, consider a friendly and dynamic Karate Organization at My Organisation or consider an invite me to present a My Seminar.

The idea of developing a website had been a dream for many years but teaching across the world, undertaking a personal grading in 2016 and staying busy teaching and managing JSKA South Africa, had certainly taken its toll!

We developed a set of videos based on Best Karate of Masatoshi Nakayama sensei covering a live presentation, a practical demonstration of selected combinations, suggestions regarding drills and an unpublished secret of each My Kata.

A funnel was linked to guide potential and current students in training times, venues and fees at any of the Pretoria based schools - My Schools.

We merged all the information regarding JSKA South Africa under My Organisation to assist current JSKA Karate Schools and offering assistance to schools across the world seeking a home.

My Seminars had become very popular allowing instructors across the world to improve their teaching and technical skills but also motivate students and increase numbers.

Welcome and enjoy!

My Karate



Soon was the first South African to receive a World Referee License in WKF Kata and Kumite and awarded AAA Judge status in JSKA Shobu Ippon rules. His long journey as adjudicator at WKF and JSKA World events provided unsurmountable experience as practitioner and instructor.

It had been Soon’s dream to create a modern tool to empower young practitioners of Karate-do, to encourage young students of the Art of Unarmed Combat and to equip instructors of Shotokan to provide a better product. This project was originally motivated in 2007 when a student suggested compiling all Shotokan Kata on video.

It had been his thesis for Dan examination named “Kata is Kumite” that sparked Karate Best Kata. Many years of training, instructing and research initiated Karate Best Kata, a professional recording of all Shotokan Kata based on Best Karate of Masatoshi Nakayama sensei.

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