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Karate Best Kata

Who needs these fine recordings of Shotokan Karate Kata?

All practitioners and students of Shotokan Karate must acquire Karate Best Kata as reference and training material. Instructors can use these video recordings as reference, inspiration and motivational teaching material. Students can use these videos to determine rhytm and speed in combinations.

Why do we need the in-depth analyses of Shotokan Karate Kata?

One cannot study or teach Shotokan Karate Kata, Kumite or KIhon without the knowledge and understanding of the foundation of Shotokan Karate found in Kata. All Kihon and Kumite training must derive from Kata!

Karate Best Kata

The World’s first recorded Best Karate Kata as performed by Soon Pretorius 8th Dan and former JKA World Champion. (Based on Best Karate - Masatoshi Nakayama former JKA Chief Instructor) More than 100 professional video’s of All Shotokan Kata …. included is a practical explanation and illustration of each kata and a guide to mastery through repetition and training and a hidden fact not previously published of each Shotokan Kata.

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